Terms of use of the Dürr Dental innovation platform

The Innovation Platform is used as a means for forwarding information to DÜRR DENTAL SE (referred to in the following as “Dürr”). The information is checked internally, but affiliated companies1 may also be involved in the process. In order to work together successfully, we wish to agree the following at the time of submission of the idea(s):

1. Secrecy of the parties involved:
Equivalent secrecy is agreed.
Dürr Dental will only used the information supplied by the idea provider internally within the company in order to assess it.
In cases where information is shared by Dürr with the idea provider, the idea provider shall treat such information as confidential and shall not disclose it to third parties (other persons or companies).
If the outcome of the first review is positive, a mutually fair non-disclosure agreement shall be agreed that replaces the equivalent secrecy requirement.
With regard to exploitation of the idea, a separate contract between the parties shall be concluded.

2. Duty to send back/return:
It is agreed that Dürr shall not be obliged to send back information or materials, such as drawings, photos or written documents.

3. Other information:
In the event that a ruling set out in these terms and conditions of use is not legally valid, the parties shall attempt to arrive at a shared ruling that matches or comes very close to the intent of the invalid ruling.
These terms and conditions of use are subject to German law. Where applicable, Mannheim is agreed as the place of jurisdiction.
Changes to the terms and conditions of use must be made in writing.
Apart from the above, no further rights or obligations shall arise between the idea provider and Dürr (involved parties).

1 Associated company in the sense of German Stock Corporation Act AktG, §15