Compressed air

Power Tower Silence – combines compressed air & suction

Quiet and space-saving!

The Power Tower Silence from DÜRR DENTAL combines compressed air and suction in a single housing. With a footprint of just 0.3–0.4 m², the compact and quiet supply unit can be installed flexibly in any practice. This saves valuable space compared to installing a series of individual units. The metal construction and covering panels will satisfy the highest design expectations and blend in with any interior design. The Power Tower Silence is connected to the supply lines for the treatment unit via a central connection point, making planning and installation considerably easier.

All-in-one system

Each Power Tower Silence unit combines the compressor unit, compressed air tank, suction unit, membrane drying unit and – depending on the individual requirements of the practice – the amalgam separator in a complete assembly. The right unit for every practice thanks to its modular design.

This is what matters

Complete practice supply with a minimal footprint due to compact design


Pleasant noise thanks to soundproofing


The right unit for every practice thanks to its modular design


The filters in the compressor only need to be replaced 1x per year

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