We bring dental practice hygiene and sustainability together

5 times more yield with 0 plastic

In dental practices, hygiene is the top priority. With DÜRR DENTAL you’re always on the safe side when disinfecting surfaces, hands, instruments and devices. Nowadays, it is crucial to refine and rethink product characteristics – especially when it comes to sustainability. For us, this is absolutely essential, because sustainability is a factor for our future success. With our range of FD green disinfection wipes, we are adding a big sustainability boost to our proven surface disinfection systems. The new wipe material is free from plastics and made of natural fibers from certified renewable raw materials. This enables us to improve sustainability not only in production, but also in use. For example, our new FD 350 green disinfection wipes combine improved surface efficiency with new wipe quality our customers have grown accustomed used to. Our promise: suitable for a wide range of applications, with the superior reliability you have come to expect from DÜRR DENTAL.


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FD 350 green disinfection wipes

Ready-to-use treated with an alcohol-based, aldehyde-free solution – and always easy to use thanks to the convenient, direct-access dispenser: FD 350 green disinfection wipes are sustainable wipes for fast disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces. With them, you disinfect invasive and noninvasive medical products as well as medical equipment in dental practices, laboratories and clinics. Typically “green”, with these wipes you have all the sustainability advantages on your side, both in terms of the materials used and the production process itself. An easy way to make a valuable contribution to protecting our climate, environment and resources.



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FD multi wipes green and FD multi wipes compact green

FD multi wipes green and FD multi wipes compact green are dry wipes that you can soak with selected disinfection solutions from DÜRR DENTAL. This leaves you with many options for disinfecting surfaces. Take advantage of this boost in terms of sustainability. Both wipe sizes are made of plastic-free and climateneutral natural fibers produced from certified renewable raw materials. Production is also sustainable and environmentally friendly, e.g. using only
renewable energy.


Top performance in green

The new green disinfection wipes are optimised for sustainability, from the raw materials to material selection and the use of renewable energy for production. These are all good reasons to choose an effeective wipe product that builds a bridge between reliable surface disinfection, careful and sustainable use of resources and reduced industrial CO2 emissions.


Four sustainable reasons

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Manual disinfection and cleaning of general, surgical and sensitive instruments.


Skin and hands

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Special areas

Hygiene power for your suction system and for cleaning spittoons with spotless results.