Industrial administrator trainee

Interview with Leonie Trinkner

Spotlight on industrial administrator training

What training programme are you doing at DÜRR DENTAL?
I’m training to be an industrial administrator.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship at DÜRR DENTAL?
What convinced me about DÜRR DENTAL was the industry, as it is very crisis-proof. I also really like the company canteen and the other benefits. I also think it's good that it's a family-owned business. 

What do you like best about your training programme so far?
What I like best about my apprenticeship is that I go through a lot of departments and get to know great people, so I gain excellent experience and learn a lot of new things.

What areas have you worked in so far, and can you give some examples of the tasks you have done here?
At the beginning of my training programme, I gained insights into the warehouse, assembly and shipping. Later, I worked in product management and marketing. There I was able to provide support with social media marketing and helped with the preparations for the trade fairs, among other things. For example, in planning the trade fair stand. 

What was the most fun moment that you experienced during your training with us?
The joint excursion to Tripsdrill with the other trainees. 

What convinced me about DÜRR DENTAL was the industry, as it is very crisis-proof. I also really like the company canteen, the fitness room and the other benefits. I also think it's great that it's a family-owned business.

Leonie Trinkner

Industrial administrator trainee

What skills did you acquire during your training that will help you in your daily life?
The training has made me a more open and independent person.

If you were to describe your training in emojis, which ones would you use?

What's the coolest “light bulb” moment you've had during your apprenticeship?
Tasks that seem difficult and complicated at first can still be solved and colleagues are available to help with questions and problems. 

What advice would you give to others who are considering a training programme in our company?
Be open to new things, look forward to it and take advantage of the opportunity.

Can you share a situation where you felt like you were an important part of the team?
When we were organising a training event (product management hygiene), I also performed independent tasks and preparations. 

If you could go back in time, what tip would you give yourself as a young trainee?
Enjoy your time in training, value it and work hard.

What would you tell future applicants?
A training programme is always a great opportunity to gain experience and become more independent; you have the opportunity for further training in the future, and many doors are open to you.