Our Mission: More Sustainability at DÜRR DENTAL

Step by step into a sustainable and livable future

DÜRR DENTAL on the way to CO2 neutrality!

As a 3rd generation family business, we are aware of our high responsibility for future generations - our children and grandchildren. Therefore, we have defined sustainability as one of our strategic goals. We are on the way to CO2 neutrality by implementing targeted sustainable measures for our buildings and production plants, in the area of mobility and communication, and in the development and use of many of our products.


With our sustainability measures, we endeavour to make a contribution to preserving a world worth living in for our children.

Stefan Pfanzelt


Our sustainability measures

Our Mission: More Sustainability at DÜRR DENTAL

Our sustainable products for the dental practice

More Sustainable Products

Today, solutions for dental practices must be efficient, user-friendly and well thought-out. Many of our products are already sustainable. With the new VistaScan Mini View 2.0, we reduce energy consumption by around 40%, and with the new Tyscor generation of suction machines by as much as 75%.


Sustainability with the Tyscor suction systems

With their centrifugal technology, the new Tyscor suction systems set new standards in terms of performance and efficiency: latest measurements by the Fraunhofer Institute confirm up to 75% lower energy consumption compared to side channel blowers. An electronic control system offers new options for operational reliability, scalability and adaptation to individual practical conditions. 


VistaScan Mini View 2.0

With the new VistaScan Mini View 2.0, we reduce energy consumption by around 40% and thus contribute to the responsible use of resources. In addition, all our imaging plate scanners are produced under sustainable aspects. Our production site in Gechingen has been CO₂ neutral since the beginning of the year.


FD green wipes

With the FD green disinfection wipes, we are adding a big plus in sustainability to the proven surface disinfection. The new wipe material consists of plastic-free natural fibers made from certified renewable raw materials. As a result, we are contributing to greater sustainability not only in production, but also in use.


Durable devices - Silver Airline compressors

The possibility of modular upgrades makes our Silver Airline compressors in the tandem variant a flexible solution with the option of more. When you expand your practice, you add a unit and thus double the power reserves. An intelligent control system also enables parallel operation of two tandem compressors on one compressed air line, which further increases the power reserves.


Our Mission: More Sustainability at DÜRR DENTAL

Our Goal: Climate neutral production

More Sustainable production

DÜRR DENTAL is committed to the responsible use of resources and strives for more sustainable production. Our goal is to make all production sites CO₂ neutral. Thanks to sustainable heating systems, area-wide PV systems, energy refurbishment of all buildings to KfW standard and a new lighting concept, a saving of 70% primary energy has already been achieved.


Dürr Optronics in Gechingen

CO2-neutral production site for digital imaging

Our production site in Gechingen has been CO₂ neutral since the beginning of 2023. Among other things, our imaging plate scanners and X-ray equipment are produced here under sustainable aspects. The building was renovated in terms of energy efficiency through insulation and the installation of new windows. The use of pellets as a renewable fuel and the installation of a photovoltaic system enable an energy supply from regenerative sources. In addition, the lighting was converted to LED to further reduce energy consumption.


Dürr Dental in Bietigheim-Bissingen

More Sustainable production at company headquarters

Measures aimed at CO₂-neutral production are also progressing at our headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Among other things, the sustainable Tyscor suction systems and the scalable Silver Airline compressors are produced here. We have also taken energy measures at this site and are insulating our building to minimize heat loss. The existing photovoltaic system is being further expanded. In addition, the lighting is being converted to LED to further reduce energy consumption.


More sustainable packaging

When shipping our products, we rely on more sustainable and resource-saving materials. For new products, the top priority in packaging design is to avoid unnecessary material, use recycled materials and ensure recyclability. We have developed more environmentally friendly packaging for the VistaScan Mini View 2.0 and were able to more than halve the volume of the overall packaging. The shipping carton comes from sustainable forestry with the FSC seal. The foam consists of 95% recycled material and was designed in such a way that 65% less material is required and the product is still optimally protected during transport.