Protection for you and your patients – for skin and hands

Effective and gentle disinfection

Disinfecting hands is vital for preventing infections. At the same time, it is important to protect stressed skin from intolerances and allergies. DÜRR DENTAL HD preparations are designed to balance effective and gentle disinfection with good skin care.

Hand disinfection

Alcoholic rub-in preparation for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Works in seconds, offers maximum protection and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft. Complete effectiveness and perfect skin care – it's all right here at your fingertips.

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Hand cleaning

Mild cleansing lotions for skin and hands. Maintain your skin's protective acid mantle – even with frequent washing.

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This is what matters

Works quickly and comprehensively in seconds


Dermatologically and clinically tested

Cares for the skin

Nourishing and moisturising, prevents drying out


For use in our practical dispenser system


Touchless universal dispenser

The hassle-free Touchless XT 1000 (for 1 l bottles) and Touchless XT 400 (for 500 ml bottles) sensor dispensers offer an outstanding combination of functionality, reliability and durability. Hands-free operation prevents cross-contamination. This means that the dispensers provide everything required for smooth procedures in a dental practice.


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Surface disinfection and cleaning

Wipes, concentrates and ready-to-use solutions for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces of all kinds.



Manual disinfection and cleaning of general, surgical and sensitive instruments.


Special areas

Hygiene power for your suction system and for cleaning spittoons with spotless results.