Hygoclave 50 – High-performance sterilizer for dental practices

Hygoclave 50. Hygiene is in our DNA.

With Hygoclave 50, Dürr Dental offers dental practices a professional Class B solution that combines impressive performance with a well thought-out operating concept – for maximum efficiency and exceptional user friendliness designed to cope effortlessly with tough day-to-day working environments.


Robust stainless steel chamber

Stainless steel and plastic are used across the board in the sterilisation process to prevent the the risk of highly corrosive demineralised water dissolving ions from the materials. Chemical reactions that could impair the sterilisation process are suppressed as a result.

High-performance process control

Regardless of the size of the dental practice, the required throughput or the structural conditions of the building: when it comes to fresh water supply, every practice has to go its own way. Hygoclave 50 has proved itself to be a flexible partner capable of offering the perfect solution for any constellation.

  1. Manual fresh water supply
  2. Combination with a water treatment system
  3. Integrated pump


With the intuitive operation of its graphical interface, the high-resolution 5" touch screen delivers comfortable standalone operation of all functions. Colour-coded icons on the home screen make for incredibly easy navigation and offer fast access to key functions and the integrated user management system. There, the most recently executed sterilisation and test cycles can be conveniently started via quick access or programme starts can be freely programmed.

Future-proof networking of the Hygoclave 50 - with VistaSoft Monitor

The Hygoclave 50 is not only perfectly designed for stand-alone operation, but also works seamlessly as part of our VistaSoft Monitor cloud network. The VistaSoft Monitor IoT platform is used to monitor the device's status data, send proactive notifications in the event of anomalies and remind you of necessary maintenance measures. This ensures optimum operational reliability.

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Key facts

High-performance sterilisation and drying system


Intuitive operating concept thanks to high-resolution 5" touch screen, automatic door locking mechanism and flexible fresh water supply


Extra universal programme for additional safety even when sterilising complex hollow bodies


Everything in view and documented thanks to the connection to VistaSoft Monitor


  Hygoclave 50 Hygoclave 50 Plus
Maximum Load for standard Cycles Type B    
Unpackaged, bulky load 5,5 kg 6.5 kg
Packaged, bulky load 3.5 kg 4 kg
Porous load 1.5 kg 2 kg
Maximum load for B flash cycle    
Packaged, bulky load 0.5 kg 0.7 kg
Porous load 0.2 kg 0.3 kg
Cycle times    
134°C B Standard (hold time 5.5 min) 37 38
134°C B Standard Plus (hold time 5.5 min) 38 39
134°C B Prions (hold time 20 min) 49 50
134°C B Flash (hold time 5.5 min) 26 27
121°C B Standard (hold time 20.5 min) 56 56

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Make your system complete


The Helix test phantom with 250 test strips for a regular, quick and simple Helix test.



Save time and money with standardised packaging.


Label printer

With the optionally available printer you can print out both cycle reports and barcode labels.