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MyLunos® – the powder jet handpiece

Easy to handle, versatile, with radiance

The powder jet handpiece MyLunos® offers simple, powerful and ergonomic assistance when you need to remove discolouration, deposits and biofilms. Depending on the nozzle it is ready for either supragingival or subgingival application. The unit follows our strictly systematic approach – from preparation and use during treatment to reprocessing. MyLunos® offers excellent flexibility and efficiency because it has been conceived as a system.

One for all

For supragingival and subgingival applications: smooth, uninterrupted treatment processes are made possible by quickly swapping the two nozzles.
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Two MyLunos nozzles for supragingival and subgingival applications

Perfect ergonomics

There are many factors that help to optimise ergonomic design: weight, centre of gravity, material, form, feel, dimensions. MyLunos® takes all of these aspects into account. The surface is non-slip, the form of the unit is perfectly matched to the shape of your hand and the tip can rotate 360 degrees. This means that MyLunos® offers perfect ergonomics – with all the available nozzles.

Exchangeable chamber principle

Particularly easy to change with the bayonet catch – even during treatment. Work interruptions or loss of power due to a low fill level are thus ruled out. Different powders can also be used to suit requirements.

MyLunos exchangeable chamber principle with bayonet catch

MyLunos® powder containers

The safe valve closure allows the containers to be filled in advance. In the process, the clever storage trays enable flexible filling and storage. The containers are available in many different colours and so offer the possibility to organise them optimally within the practice. For example, the container colours can be assigned to different treatment rooms but also to different powder types.<br/> <br/> We recommend our Lunos® prophylaxis powder Gentle Clean and Perio Combi.<br/> More about our prophylaxis powders

Comprehensive hygiene concept

MyLunos® handpieces, powder chambers and nozzles, including all inner lumens, can be manually or automatically reprocessed using a fully validated method in an ultrasonic bath, small steam steriliser, thermal disinfector or disinfection bath.

Options for reprocessing a MyLunos handpiece in the practice
This is what matters

Smooth, uninterrupted treatment processes are made possible by quickly swapping the two nozzles


Exchangeable chamber principle, especially easy to change


Ergonomic handpiece, with tip that can rotate 360 degrees


The safe valve closure allows the containers to be filled in advance, and there is a matching colour for every type of Lunos® Prophy Powder

Our customers love Lunos®

Our implant and SPT patients benefit from the MyLunos® handpiece and the Lunos® Prophy Powder Perio Combi with trehalose for subgingival debridement. A major advantage for our surgical practice is that the handpiece is completely sterile.

Ingrid Bantle

Dental Hygienist at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Group Practice of Dr Meschenmoser and Dr Bittner in Stuttgart

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