Hygiene – surfaces

Disinfection and cleaning of surfaces of all kinds

Surfaces – sparkling clean with maximum safety

The thorough but gentle cleaning and disinfection of surfaces eliminates risks while helping to ensure that the surgery's equipment retains its value. DÜRR DENTAL offers a whole host of concentrates and ready-to-use solutions to assist you with this, along with an extensive range of wipes.

System Hygiene from DÜRR DENTAL

When it comes to infection protection, disinfection and cleaning, nothing should be left to chance. That is why, back in 1965, we developed the first ever disinfectant for suction systems in the form of Orotol®. This marked the beginning of the continuous development and refinement of our hygiene expertise. Today, dental surgeries all around the world place their trust in System Hygiene from DÜRR DENTAL.