Hygiene – instruments

Instrument reprocessing with DÜRR DENTAL

From manual cleaning right through to documentation and storage

For manual disinfection and cleaning of general, surgical and sensitive instruments, DÜRR DENTAL relies entirely on active agent combinations that are non-fixing and free of aldehydes. These ensure that instruments are disinfected gently without damaging the materials while still ensuring reliable cleaning results. Gentle on instruments but uncompromising on germs – you can always depend on DÜRR DENTAL instrument disinfection.

Disinfection and cleaning of instruments

Highly effective and gentle concentrates for cleaning and disinfecting general, surgical and rotating instruments without damaging the materials. Also suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath.

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Bur disinfection

Fully virucidal, ready-to-use solution for cleaning and disinfecting rotating instruments.

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This is what matters

Broad range of effectiveness and long service lives


Excellent material compatibility combined with powerful disinfection and cleaning


Easy and efficient to use


Fast reaction times, particularly quick when used in an ultrasonic bath

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