Simply a good feeling – System Hygiene from DÜRR DENTAL

It is best when you can rely on a system. It was way back in 1965 that DÜRR DENTAL first developed Orotol® – the first disinfectant for suction systems. This marked the beginning of the continuous development and refinement of our expertise in the hygiene area. Today, dentists throughout the world trust DÜRR DENTAL System Hygiene to ensure comprehensive protection for their surgeries. In addition to System Hygiene products, we also offer a comprehensive service package to support your practice team in their daily work. We stand by your team with our on-site consulting service. Our service department will help you with questions about our products. And outstanding quality as the product of decades of experience goes hand-in-hand with frequent innovations to meet the needs of dental practices.

4 colours, 4 areas – simply logical, simply safe


The ID product range is the safe and reliable way to clean and disinfect instruments by hand without damaging the materials. Together with the additional units and accessories, these products provide a complete system for every stage of the hygiene cycle.

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Cleaning and disinfection with the Dürr Dental Hygobox


The FD product line really knows how to impress with its highly effective and user-friendly cleaning agents and disinfectants for surfaces of medical devices and fixtures. The concentrates, ready-to-use solutions and extensive range of wipes will make it easier for your practice team to keep on top of day-to-day hygiene.

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Application of the cleaning and disinfecting products from Dürr Dental

Skin and hands

The HD product line provides reliable protection while also looking after your skin. Careful hand cleaning and disinfection is absolutely vital. This is because your hands are the most common route of transmission for diseases. The nourishing components of the HD products also leave your skin feeling lovely and soft.

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Special areas

The Orotol®/MD product line supports a wide range of applications. For example, Orotol® plus and MD 555 cleaner can be used in combination to ensure highly efficient cleaning and disinfection of suction systems. And, of course, there are also suitable cleaning and disinfection products available for impressions and other aspects of dentistry work.

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Suction system cleaning with the help of the OroCup
System Hygiene from DÜRR DENTAL

When it comes to infection protection, disinfection and cleaning, nothing should be left to chance. That is why, back in 1965, we developed the first ever disinfectant for suction systems in the form of Orotol®. This marked the beginning of the continuous development and refinement of our hygiene expertise. Today, dental surgeries all around the world place their trust in System Hygiene from DÜRR DENTAL.


Effective against SARS-CoV-2

All System Hygiene disinfectants from DÜRR DENTAL kill coronavirus.



Touchless XT universal dispenser

The hands are the most frequent route of transmission for pathogens, since they come into contact with patients, instruments, surfaces, and devices. Everyday actions such as shaking hands can result in infection. That is why DÜRR DENTAL offers a sensor dispenser for contactless, hygienic application of hand preparations.


Hygiene technology

Small steam sterilisers

The hallmarks of our small steam sterilisers are their powerful components.


Sealing devices

Our extraordinarily compact sealing devices will fit inside any preparation room.


Water treatment for small steam sterilisers

Professional hygiene engineering requires special water treatment in accordance with the highest of standards.


Water treatment for treatment units

Hygowater® eliminates microorganisms from the treatment water.



The automatic label printer for sterile product packaging enables the direct printing of labels.


Manual reprocessing

Hygosonic is a heatable ultrasonic device for fast and thorough cleaning.


Sturdy and robust transport and disinfection box