Reliable separation systems guarantee the highest performance

Powerful and reliable separation

DÜRR DENTAL separation systems set standards. Not only can they be relied upon to separate secretion and solids, they also operate at a pleasantly low volume. No wonder then that they are an integral ex-works component of the treatment units being produced by leading manufacturers. But retrofitting is also very straightforward.


Reliable separation for dry suction systems

The CS 1 Combi-Sepamatic and the CAS 1 Combi-Separator from DÜRR DENTAL are a valuable addition to any treatment unit. The units impress with their quiet yet powerful drives and can effortlessly manage even treatments that last several hours and involve large amounts of fluids. The two-stage separation effectively prevents blood foam from being carried along during aspiration, thus protecting the dry suction unit that is connected downstream. The CS 1 Combi-Sepamatic is purely an automatic separator. The CAS 1 Combi-Separator combines air/water separation and amalgam separation. Both units can either be integrated in the treatment unit or installed externally.

This is what matters

Enables flexible installation in any treatment unit


Low-noise, vibration-free operation


High degree of foam compatibility due to two-step separation & high reliability due to centrifugal technology

Network compatible

Communication possible with the treatment unit via CAN bus or with the DÜRR DENTAL practice software


Vario rinsing unit

With its slim design, the Vario rinsing unit can be perfectly combined with the CS 1 / CAS 1 and ensures hygienic and reliable operation of the separation systems.


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