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Possible application for Lunos® Fluoride varnish with a microbrush on a young female patient


Lunos®-Tip - Hardening the tooth surface

Fluoridation as part of the prophylaxis treatment plays a major role in the protection against caries. In addition, it can also halt the progression of existing initial lesions.
Ultrasonic devices like the Vector Scaler from Dürr Dental offer many advantages for patients and therapists.


Lunos®-Tip - Gentle and effective

In the second part of our hints & tips series, we take a look at automated methods in prophylaxis. These offer a number of advantages over treatment with conventional handheld instruments. Sonic...
A pre-soaked terry towel is the perfect end to a wellness prophylaxis session.


Lunos®-Tip - Wellness prophylaxis

Not only do patients have to pay for professional teeth cleaning out of their own pocket, but the service also requires the patients to come into the practice for regular appointments. This is why...
Where to next? Dentists – caught between commercial and ethical obligations


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Dentists – caught between commercial and ethical obligations

What does ethics mean?The term ethics originates from Ancient Greek and refers to the moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour, and it looks at how these principles are implemented within a...
Wet or dry suction system?


Wet or dry?

We know that there are generally two types of suction: wet suction and dry suction. But when should you install a wet system, and when a dry one?
Lost in the mist


Lost in the mist

A dental surgery is seen as a clean and germ-free place – after all, the people who work here aredentists and medical personnel who treat many patients every day. Everyone who visits a medical...
Adjusting image presettings to get the best impression of your images.


Image Preprocessing

The Image quality and image impression is influenced by many factors especially at x-ray images. Besides of the x-ray system (x-ray tube, scanner or Sensor) also the computer system (PC and monitor)...
Figure 1 - VistaSoft


How to change the video image settings in VistaSoft, DBSWIN or VistaEasy View

Depending on the environmental conditions it could be necessary to adjust the Video image settings for intraoral cameras. It´s very simple to do this adjustment within VistaSoft,  DBSWIN or...
Dental medicine in Rio de Janeiro - day-to-day dental surgery routine in the city of beauty


Dental medicine in Rio de Janeiro – day-to-day dental surgery routine in the city of beauty

An interview with dentist Dr Carlos Eduardo Sabrosa. Nowhere is beauty as important as in the international capital of cosmetic surgery, Rio de Janeiro. With the bulk of social life taking place...
German Design Award


German Design Award

Medical technology from Dürr Dental receives famous award. Optimum functionality, ergonomics and design are a vital basis for an innovative product. The renowned German Design Award was awarded to...
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