Tyscor suction systems. Next generation

New standards in terms of performance and sustainability

The dry and wet suction systems from DÜRR DENTAL combine extremely powerful performance with exceptionally quiet operation. DÜRR DENTAL V suction units can easily withstand up to seven or eight hours of continuous operation. The substances that are sucked in are directed straight into the integrated separation unit and then, if necessary, into an amalgam separator. In addition to DÜRR DENTAL's usual quality and reliability, the newly developed suction systems with radial technology in the Tyscor premium range are up to 50% lighter and deliver potential energy savings of up to 75%. They truly are setting standards in performance and efficiency in day-to-day operation in the practice. An electronic control system also offers new options in terms of operational safety and reliability, scalability and adaptability to the individual practice conditions.

Wet suction systems

A DÜRR DENTAL Tyscor VS suction unit is a powerhouse you can rely on. It concentrates all of the suction and separation in the practice into a single, compact unit. It can effortlessly handle the amounts of liquids processed by up to four therapists at the same time. In the process, thanks to the integrated two-stage separation system, the aspiration of secretions and blood foam into the turbine space is reliably prevented. The reliable drive of the unit runs exceptionally quietly, and all important functional elements are protected against corrosion. Central installation in a multi-room practice places high demands on the cleaning and hygiene of the pipe network. With the flow accelerator developed by DÜRR DENTAL, the suction system automatically eliminates the risk of deposits, odours and hygiene problems.

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A Tyscor VS suction unit processing liquids by two-stage separation system

Dry suction systems

The dry suction systems from Dürr Dental combine extremely powerful performance with exceptionally quiet operation. Dürr Dental Tyscor V suction units can easily withstand up to seven or eight hours of continuous operation. The substances that are sucked in are directed straight into the integrated separation unit or amalgam separator. The suction power required for this is generated by the turbine wheels, which rotate contactlessly – only dry air makes its way to the suction unit itself. For reliable protection against condensation water, all models are equipped with a condensation separator as standard. Thanks to the modular layout, it is easy to change over from a dry suction system to a wet one.

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Tyscor V suction unit as dry suction unit

Vacuum generation & separation

The Tyscor VSA systems combine vacuum generation and separation in a single compact assembly. Ready configured with hose lines, connections and a control unit, the systems are easy to integrate into any practice. And they are equally well suited to new installations or for modernising existing systems. Moreover, central suction and separation improve efficiency compared to systems in the treatment units, as they minimise or even eliminate costs for additional automatic separators.

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Tyscor VSA systems combine vacuum generation and separation in a single compact assembly

Sustainable right from the start

With their centrifugal technology, the new Tyscor suction systems set new standards in terms of performance and efficiency: latest measurements by the Fraunhofer Institute confirm up to 75% lower energy consumption compared to side channel blowers. An electronic control system offers new options for operational reliability, scalability and adaptation to individual practical conditions. We use recyclable materials in the production of the Tyscor series.


Energy saving

The radial technology of the Tyscor range delivers outstanding performance, particularly in terms of energy consumption. Its load-dependent automatic adjustment provides constant suction at all times – and saves money in the process.


With a housing made of noise-absorbing, foamed plastic and an engineering design focused on quiet running, the Tyscor range features the quietest suction units in their class without additional sound protection.

Tyscor VS 1 with open housing made of noise-absorbing, foamed plastic

Plug & play

The compact and modular design not only makes commissioning and setup really easy, but also offers quick and easy maintenance. Thanks to the 230 V 1~ supply, no three-phase AC current is required.


Due to the scalability of the Tyscor suction systems, the devices can grow with your practice. Starting with two operators, the devices can be expanded to up to 12 operators without having to replace the machine. As a result, not only does DÜRR DENTAL ensure that these products can be used for the longest possible length of time, but importantly it also ensures the sustainability and future viability of your practice.

Anti-bacterial modules

Highly efficient suction technology with anti-bacterial modules in the radial fan inhibit bacterial growth and ensure a hygienic component surface.

Hybrid ball bearing with ceramic balls for the highest demands

Even the most inconspicuous parts contain the highest level of quality and precision. In the hybrid ball bearing, steel meets high-quality ceramic balls for smooth and reliable operation, even at high speeds. It helps to ensure that our extraction system works efficiently and requires minimal maintenance.

VistaSoft Monitor

IoT solution for networked dental practices

DÜRR DENTAL‘s new real-time equipment monitoring system VistaSoft Monitor brings the cloud to your dental practice. Get an overview of your practice at any time from the comfort of a PC or mobile phone. Try it for free now!

This is what matters
Energy saving

Energy saving potential through the use of a radial compressor


Modular layout, option of converting from a dry to a wet suction system


Upgrade capability and scalability thanks to the electronic control system


Increased operational safety thanks to early warning messages and automatic maintenance reminders

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