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Lunos® - Impressive new premium prophylaxis system with many unique product advantages

The new premium prophylaxis brand Lunos® offers the 'best of the best' in a well thought-out system that covers a wide range of professional dental cleaning needs. Current products range from dental rinse solutions and powder jet handpieces with a unique exchangeable chamber principle through to wellness cloths for a refreshing end to treatments – to ensure that everyone involved is left delighted with the procedure and outcome.

The range includes a large number of products that combine to form a cohesive system where every component offers unique yet distinct advantages over other competitors in the marketplace. The development team behind Lunos® has looked at all medical aspects and designed everything strictly according to the principles of minimally-invasive and low-pain treatments.

One example of this is the MyFlow powder jet handpiece. Thanks to its well thoughtout exchangeable chamber principle, it offers dental teams one unbeatable advantage: the powder container can be replaced quickly and easily, avoiding the inconvenience of having to refill in the middle of treating the patient. In addition, the exchangeable chamber principle also means that surgeries can prepare enough powder containers for the whole day. The powder containers are filled with the aid of ergonomic bottles with one-handed toggle closures – which is both extremely easy and very clean, as dust spills are minimised.

The powder jet handpiece also sets new standards in terms of reprocessing. All of its parts are fully thermally disinfectable and autoclavable. Together with the minimised clogging potential and the ease of maintenance, this saves time during daily work routines and thus leaves more time for treatments. MyFlow also looks good – because of its combination of functionality and ease-of-use - it has been awarded the renowned iF design award 2017.

MyFlow works with various prophylaxis powders. The Gentle Clean variant of Lunos® contains innovative new abrasive agents based on the non-carcinogenic disaccharide trehalose for gentle cleaning in the supragingival area and is available in three different flavours (Spearmint, Orange, Neutral). Alternatively, it is also possible to use the Lunos® prophy powder Perio Combi for supragingival and subgingival treatments. The excellent water solubility of this powder enables safe, virtually residue-free dissolution in the periodontal pocket. Thanks to this, patients no longer experience the unpleasant grittiness typically associated with this type of product. Another advantage of this highly soluble solution is that the collecting containers of the amalgam separators do not clog up with prophylaxis powder and therefore do not need to be replaced nearly as frequently.

There are also two variants of polishing paste available. The abrasive particles in the Lunos® Prophy paste Two in One become smaller during the polishing process, which means that they reduce discoloration at the start and then make a smooth transition to polishing. This ensures that coatings and plaque are removed without interfering with the surfaces of restorations. Even gentler polishing is possible with the Lunos® Prophy paste Super Soft. Its low RDA value makes it suitable for sensitive surfaces, for example on children or patients with implants. The prophy pastes from Lunos® are also available in different flavours. The ergonomically-formed Lunos® Prophylaxis ring enables simple application of the pastes. It is especially flexible, adapts to an individual approach and is fully reprocessible.

The range also includes the alcohol-free Lunos® Dental rinse solution, which is ideal for routine use before any prophylaxis treatment. The delicate fresh mint flavour sets these products nicely apart from conventional products.

The Lunos® prophylaxis line also includes the products Lunos® Fluoride varnish, Lunos® Fluoride gel, the highly filled Lunos® Fissure sealant on a composite basis, the Lunos® Prophylaxis cushion made of a Tempur-like foam for comfortable positioning of the patient and the Lunos® Prophylaxis wellness cloths with aloe vera skin-care properties.

The best by design - based on this motto Lunos® brings together a comprehensive range of premium prophylaxis products and combines them into an overall concept that is perfect for dental surgeries. In terms of quality, each individual component meets the exceptionally high standards customers expect from Dürr Dental. Together they ensure that treatments in many areas are much more comfortable for the patient, without any compromise whatsoever in terms of efficacy. This means valuable time savings for the surgery team and makes treatment much more pleasant for the patient at the same time. Overall the Lunos® prophylaxis line is therefore a win-win proposition for everyone involved.

Lunos® is a new sub-brand of Dürr Dental. Thanks to its numerous advantages, the new system should be able to establish itself quickly in many dental surgeries as a fixed part of professional prophylaxis.

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Lunos® - new premium prophylaxis system

Lunos® - new premium prophylaxis system

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