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Stable conditions – flexible planning: New additions to the Tyscor suction system family

Suction systems from Dürr Dental have revolutionised dentistry and have been allowing dentists to remain seated while treating patients in a supine position for almost 60 years. Around five years ago, the company created a new generation of suction units which are extremely efficient and offer excellent performance features. Building on the Tyscor VS 2 basic model, Dürr Dental has now developed an entire family of suction systems – to enable practices to flexibly adapt to the needs of today's dynamic environment.

Are you intending to expand the practice? Are you considering establishing a joint practice with a colleague? Are you planning to set up a separate treatment room for a new area of focus at the practice? Or are you thinking about starting with a reduced patient list initially after taking over a practice?

With its latest additions, the Tyscor suction unit family provides you with all the flexibility you could ever need. The established Tyscor V 2 and Tyscor VS 2 basic models have been joined by smaller and larger brothers (Tyscor V/VS 1 and Tyscor V/VS 4). The numbers 1, 2 and 4 here represent the maximum number of users.

Reliable, portable, energy-saving and networked

Whatever your circumstances, your practice will benefit from pioneering radial engineering. This technology is how Tyscor made its name, as in comparison with side channel compression, it enables a space-saving design and a significantly reduced weight to be achieved. The Tyscor suction units can be installed using plug & play, require just 230 V (1~) and offer all the flexibility of a modern design piece. And they look extremely stylish too!

What's more, they have been proven to use only about half as much electricity, as confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute during its tests on the Tyscor VS 2. This system consumes less than 700 watts even when operated at full capacity.

All Tyscor family members can be networked, share their data and form a central control unit when the data is transferred to the practice PC. Using the system, the team members responsible can keep track of all the key data relating to practice supplies at all times and can manage this with just a few mouse clicks and keyboard entries. Lastly, this concept also enables predictive maintenance to be carried out and the required suction power to be set easily – and if necessary, troubleshooting can be performed remotely, saving you a visit from a service technician.

All versions available: dry, wet and mixed

When you set up a solo practice, you might want to start with the smallest version, and various options are available based on the structural conditions at your premises: in the case of the dry suction system, air and secretion are separated directly at/in the treatment unit and the dry exhaust air is extracted downstream while the waste water is drained via a separate pipe (Tyscor V 1). An alternative option is the wet system: the suction unit "draws" the mixture of waste water and air through the pipes up to the suction system (Tyscor VS 1). Separation only takes place at this point: the exhaust air is blown out and the waste water drained away.

Tyscor VS suction systems can be used with ease even in the case of mixed systems involving both dry and wet treatment units in a single practice. And thanks to the modular design, converting from a dry to a wet suction unit is a straightforward process.

All sizes can be retrofitted – double capacity at any time
If the practice is expanded to include two users, a Tyscor VS 1 can simply be converted to a Tyscor VS 2 in next to no time. If treatment capacity needs to be doubled again, a second unit can easily be installed in tandem alongside the Tyscor VS 2 and both connected to the same suction pipe.

In a nutshell, practice owners and teams only need to get in touch with a qualified trade supplier once and will then be ensured superb supply for decades to come.

Straightforward use and quiet operation

Even following the addition of a smaller and a larger variant, the Tyscor family still retains its characteristic sense of understatement. The range provides extremely energy-saving and powerful radial engineering to the dental practice and incorporates all the advantages of a networked supply system. Tyscor systems work extremely quietly in the background and help the practice team to carry out their work with ease – day in, day out.

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