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The prophylaxis cannula from Dürr Dental is a real "hygiene cannula" - Safe, reliable protection for the entire practice team

Whether it’s the removal of dental plaque, the application of a rubber dam or the removal of fillings, crowns or bridges – each of these treatments requires the suctioning of small or large particles from patients’ mouths. The high-speed and oscillating instruments need to be cooled with water to protect the sensitive pulp-dentin area, and this causes spray mist to be generated. The mixture of droplets from the cooling water, saliva, blood and microorganisms represents a high risk of infection. In addition, the fast-moving spray powder particles can also cause irritation of the oral mucosa. The prophylaxis cannula from Dürr Dental offers effective protection here. Its ergonomic design and the integrated protective shield are unique. The strengths of this cannula really come into play particularly for spray powder treatments, but its range of applications is by no means limited to prophylaxis. Alongside spray powder treatments, thanks to its flexibility the cannula is also suitable for many other applications in which spray mist is generated during treatment.

The secret of the success of the prophylaxis cannula – or "hygiene cannula" – lies in its functional design. At first glance you will notice the non-slip surface of the handpiece and the protective shield, which can be rotated and detached. The shield can be effortlessly adapted to any treatment situation, thereby minimising the risk of irritation of the oral mucosa due to spray powder treatments. In comparison to other suction cannulas, the opening through the protective shield is significantly larger, allowing more aerosol and jet powder to be removed. The shield always channels the suction flow accurately through the cannula and reliably extracts the aerosol with its microorganisms and particles in both buccal and palatal applications. The special Protect secondary air inlets prevent reflux of secretions from the suction system. At the same time, widescale spread of microparticles in the treatment room is significantly reduced. The product thus also makes a significant contribution to infection prevention for patients, the dentist and the practice team – and makes the prophylaxis cannula into a real "hygiene cannula".

Its versatility is also demonstrated in restorative and prosthetic treatments. In e.g. rubber dam applications it makes suctioning noticeably more comfortable, since the cannula is so easy to position. As a result, the cannula removes e.g. rinsed etching gel with aerosol so thoroughly that it does not come into contact with the healthy tooth structure. Even when more water is required, such as for polishing a filling, the cooling liquid is optimally suctioned off.

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