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VistaCam iX HD: Multi head camera system with HD resolution and autofocus

The well thought-out solutions from Dürr Dental also include the VistaCam iX HD multihead camera system. The autofocus enables the Cam interchangeable head of the VistaCam iX HD to cover the entire range from macro and normal intraoral recordings up to the extraoral recording. The Proof interchangeable head allows the dentist to make visible caries and plaque on occlusal and smooth surfaces where the Proxi interchangeable head supports the diagnosis of approximal caries without X-ray radiation, and all this in HD resolution. 

Why an interchangeable head? Quite simple, as in professional photography, for the performance of the head no compromises should be made. Each head has its own special LEDs for illumination and also the lens system integrated in the head is customised to suit its task. That is why professional photographers are always equipped with a number of lenses.

Moreover the ergonomics, which are always relevant for Dürr Dental developments, offer additional benefits to the therapist: The camera is comfortably light weighted and narrow on the head so the rear molars can be accessed easy. By pressing the trigger on the handpiece the user can acquire the image without having to use an additional foot switch. The camera is connected to the PC or laptop via a USB port and, hence, can also easily be used at a number of workstations. The optionally available active tray with an integrated USB-Hub can be used to extend the 2.5 m USB cable.

The imaging software VistaSoft, included in the scope of delivery, analyses the recordings of the Proof interchangeable head – even in "live mode" – in order to make caries lesions visible. The result of the caries activity is displayed in colour and also numerically. The violet light of the LEDs stimulates the metabolic products of cariogenic bacteria which therefore light up in red. In contrast to this, healthy enamel is displayed in green. The coloured representation of carious disorders also provides valuable support for patient communication.

The Proxi interchangeable head allows the tooth enamel to appear transparent due to the infra-red light. The change through cariogenic bacteria stands out optically as a light cloud on the clear surface. By displaying caries this way, the therapist now has a persuading, comprehensive caries diagnostics support without the need to use X-ray. Besides Dürr Dental's own imaging software included in the scope of delivery, the camera can also be used in any common image processing software via Twain or VistaEasy.

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VistaCam iX HD

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