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VistaSoft Monitor: Smart Home for your practice - Dürr Dental presents an innovative cloud-based software solution at the IDS trade fair

When you talk about digitalisation, there is one topic that keeps coming up: Smart Home. Intelligent IoT solutions that make our everyday lives safer, more comfortable and more efficient. Systems to control the heating, air conditioning or window shutters are now seen as state-of-the-art. With the new IoT solution VistaSoft Monitor, Dürr Dental is now introducing the principles of Smart Home into dental practices. Intelligent, forward-thinking and with a constant eye on ensuring that the practice is running reliably.

What has been long established in our homes and was established in the industrial sector with digitalisation, IoT (Internet of Things), big data or Industry 4.0, is – of course – just as welcome in the dental practice. In the day-to-day working environment of a dental practice, your focus is on your own work and on your patients. All the systems required for this must work smoothly – and in future they will need to be "smart" as well.

For years, Dürr Dental has been pioneering the networking of systems that keep everyday work up and running in dental practices. With the Tyscor Pulse software, practice equipment that used to be analogue was transformed into the digital age.

At the IDS 2019 trade fair, Dürr Dental has now premiered the systematic further development. The innovative, cloud-based IoT-software service solution VistaSoft Monitor. "We have developed a concept that enables a forward-looking, condition-based service and can thus ensure the reliable operation of the dental practice", explains Martin Dürrstein, CEO of Dürr Dental SE. Here, in particular the main focus is on the reliability and operational safety of all systems. "In the future, all types of connectable Dürr Dental systems will be integrated in VistaSoft Monitor. This will provide the dental practice with a clear overview of all the relevant products. From compressors and autoclaves to 3D X-ray systems", adds Dürrstein.

To put it into simple terms, VistaSoft Monitor – the smart home for your practice – works according to the following principle: monitor – transmit – analyse – act.

The units constantly monitor important operating parameters and transmit them in real time to the software VistaSoft Monitor, where they are analysed and presented in a clear format. Centralised at the PC in the reception area, decentralised in every treatment room or on a smartphone/tablet via the corresponding app.

Predictive analysis ensures that the right conclusions are drawn and the appropriate actions are triggered. Here, assistance also comes from the cloud-based intelligence of VistaSoft Monitor. Potential sources of errors are detected in real-time and reported to the practice team, if required even directly to the preferred service technician. A classic example is the fill level of the amalgam collecting container. This notification helps practices to order a new collecting container in plenty of time.

If the detected status requires a more extensive response, for example a filter change on the compressor or routine servicing, this can be easily coordinated with a dental dealer. In this way, VistaSoft Monitor enables direct monitoring and remote maintenance. As a result, practice owners will benefit from increased operational reliability, safe in the knowledge that dental dealers are constantly keeping an eye on their devices. This leaves dental practices free to focus on what is most important – the patients.

VistaSoft Monitor – Smart Home for your practice

VistaSoft Monitor – Smart Home for your practice

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