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Maximum value retention for all practice equipment surfaces with FD 336 sensitive - safe, fast and gentle on material

The area aroung the treatment unit and in close proximity to patients is particularly critical with regard to hygiene. A potentially contaminated aerosol cloud develops after every treatment; this...


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"Flow Power" with Lunos® – a premium brand from Dürr Dental: Safe and effective powder jet treatment with a feel-good factor

Now more than ever, dental practices must pay particular attention to ensuring that all treatments and work are carried out with perfect hygiene – safely and in a manner that protects against the...


Risk-oriented professional teeth cleaning during a pandemic

One virus has been dominating humankind for months: SARS-CoV-2, also known as coronavirus. It measures around 100 nanometres in diameter. Around 10,000 of these virus particles strung together...


DÜRR DENTAL recipient of "Top SME Employer 2021" award

This year sees the fourth "Top SME Employer" awards, which are jointly awarded by Focus Business and employer rating platform Kununu. Since 2021, DÜRR DENTAL SE has been one of the...


DÜRR DENTAL suction unit from premium Tyscor range receives German Design Award

Every year, a jury of renowned experts bestows the German Design Award on innovative projects and products. The process of selecting innovative products focuses not only on great design, but also on...


Categories: Hygiene

"It's in our hands"

  Professional hand hygiene is more important than ever!    


Categories: Hygiene, Equipment

Dental suction in the time of coronavirus: tried-and-tested routines and systems help to keep everyone safe

Due to the large number of patients seen in dental practices, there is always a danger of coming into contact with infectious diseases. Practice teams always take the necessary measures to prevent...


Categories: Hygiene

Four colours for more safety - Easy, effective, and clearly arranged: system hygiene from Dürr Dental for optimum protection against infection

Protecting against infection is the top priority in dental practices. Every treatment involves the hazard of microbial contamination and is therefore a potential risk of infection for patients and...


Categories: Hygiene

The prophylaxis cannula from Dürr Dental is a real "hygiene cannula" - Safe, reliable protection for the entire practice team

Whether it’s the removal of dental plaque, the application of a rubber dam or the removal of fillings, crowns or bridges – each of these treatments requires the suctioning of small or large particles...


Invisible danger: Aerosols in dental surgeries

Scientific expert report and recommendations for action in practice.
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