“Our products have always assured reliability in the context of dental surgeries“, stated Martin Dürrstein, Chairman of the Executive Board at Dürr Dental SE. “We have now revised our concepts to reflect the digital world in which we are operating, and at this year’s IDS we are showing how we can help boost safety and comfort to a noticeably higher standard – both for teams of dental practitioners and for patients.”

The company’s revamped approach is based on the Internet of Things (IoT), a subject that was explained to the press conference attendees in more detail by Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael ten Hompel, Director at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML). He focused on ways in which cutting-edge smart surgeries can leverage the opportunities presented by the IoT concept, leaving the audience with much food for thought.

In a presentation entitled “Smart Home for surgeries”, Christian Schorndorfer illustrated how Dürr Dental is becoming one of the pioneers of a digital revolution in its field. Schorndorfer is Managing Director of Dürr Dental Global GmbH and will take up a position as the Sales & Marketing representative on the Dürr Dental SE Management Board from 1 April. “The IDS 2019 marks a first for us in that we are unveiling VistaSoft Monitor, designed for predictive, state-based service”, he explained. “The technology it uses is an innovative cloud-based software solution that is able to network units in the surgery, making everything not only reliable, but also even safer than before.”

Dr Martin Koch, Director of the Dürr Dental Technical Academy, gave an overview of yet more of the exciting highlights that IDS 2019 attendees could expect from Dürr Dental.

Hygowater, a new system for ensuring excellent drinking water quality in treatment units, is designed to help teams in dental surgeries keep conditions completely safe. With technology based on a unique combination of filtration and electrolysis, it delivers a powerful disinfecting effect that complies fully with the minimisation requirement stipulated by the German Drinking Water Ordinance. In short, this new innovation keeps hygiene at its peak and is exceptionally easy to operate.

Also with a view to hygiene requirements, users are sure to be thrilled by the new Hygopac View film sealing device with touch display. The MyLunos premium prophylaxis system is yet another innovative new product, and a flexible Perio nozzle for subgingival use has now been made available.

Dürr Dental X-ray systems are also innovative, user-friendly pieces of equipment. In his presentation, Dr Martin Koch paid particular attention to the new VistaVox S Ceph, designed to give orthodontists an even more advanced experience in three-dimensional X-ray technology. Every dentist is also sure to benefit from the company’s range of new software modules and from the all-new VistaSoft Cloud, which establishes links between dentists, patients and dental laboratories by ensuring efficient data exchange between colleagues working in dental applications. The new VistaSoft Implant and VistaSoft Guide modules allow workflows in surgeries to operate even more effectively.

In the years to come, teams of dental practitioners can expect to see a lot of additional innovations that will enable the networked surgeries of the future to run more efficiently – helping everyone feel at home in the Smart Home concept.