On 1 April 2019, the Supervisory Board of DÜRR DENTAL SE appointed Christian Schorndorfer as a member of the company’s Executive Board. Having already taken up the mantle of Managing Director of DÜRR DENTAL GLOBAL GmbH in April 2018, Schorndorfer will now act as the member in charge of Sales and Marketing. CEO Martin Dürrstein said: “I am certain that Christian Schorndorfer will play a vital role in ensuring a successful future for DÜRR DENTAL SE’s through the work that he will be able to do as a member of the Executive Board.” Schorndorfer added: “I am looking forward to embracing the challenge of strengthening DÜRR DENTAL SE’s market position together with our employees. We are already starting from a strong position: an outstanding range of products and systems, a healthy culture of innovation, an excellent corporate philosophy and total focus on our customers.”

Schorndorfer was born in 1973 in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, and is married with four children. After obtaining a degree in industrial engineering from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, followed by a Master of Business Administration qualification from the University of Louisville in the USA, he spent 20 years in a managerial position at Würth Industrie Service, including a role as head of key account sales and innovative systems from 2014.


DÜRR DENTAL SE was founded in 1941 as a precision-mechanics workshop in Stuttgart-Feuerbach by the brothers Karl and Wilhelm Dürr from Gechingen in the Black Forest. The modern-day headquarters are located in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Here, over 400 employees are engaged in the areas of production, research & development, purchasing and sales & marketing.
The Dürr Dental Group currently employs over 1100 people worldwide, generated a revenue of over €250 million in 2017, and is represented by its own company personnel in 40 countries. "I am pleased to be able to look back over more than 75 years of a successful company history, and I am looking forward to the future with confidence", says Martin Dürrstein, CEO of DÜRR DENTAL SE. This is because the Dürr Dental name has stood for progress and innovation in medical technology for decades. Many standards in modern surgeries date back to developments made by the company.
Today, dentists around the world trust the engineering skills of Dürr Dental. The company offers numerous system solutions in the fields of equipment, diagnostic systems, dental care and hygiene. "With its developments, Dürr Dental is setting standards for innovation and technology. We have the right solution for all requirements", stresses Martin Dürrstein. To ensure the highest possible level of quality, Dürr Dental carries out virtually all production at its business location of Germany.