In addition to the main prize, all other participants who submitted an idea during the prize draw also received a surprise gift as a thank-you. Dürr Dental thanks Ms. Baars and all the other idea submitters and is looking forward to many entries on the innovation portal in the future.

As leading technology expert in the health care industry, Dürr Dental develops and produces innovative system solutions for the following areas: equipment, diagnostic systems, dental care and hygiene. Countless developers work every day to optimize existing products and develop new ones. Many good ideas also emerge in the practices that work with Dürr Dental products on a daily basis. Due to their daily experiences, dentists and their practice staff often find potential for optimization or even new products that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Dürr Dental Innovation is designed to share these ideas quickly and easily, always according to the motto „The best starts with ideas”. Promising concepts are developed further together and, if successfully implemented, the inventor cannot only attend the market launch live, but also will participate in the possible success of the final product.

Do you have an idea that you want to share with us? Take the chance to submit your idea to our innovation portal at or contact our innovation team consisting of Andreas Hägele, Michael Helfmann and Maria Lamanna.