For decades, products from DÜRR DENTAL SE in Bietigheim-Bissingen/Germany have stood for design excellence and superior quality, and they have already been the recipients of renowned awards on many occasions. Having already won the German Design Award, this year the Tyscor VS 4suction unit has also made its mark on the international jury of the German Innovation Award. Thanks to its innovative radial technology, the Tyscor VS 4 has now been honoured as a "German Innovation Award Winner".

When we think about the types of innovation that really make an impact, it is the ones that shape the future and improve our lives that leave the most lasting impression. The way this award is given out is unique, as companies can only take part in the competition if they have been nominated either by one of the expert committees or by one of the scouts from the German Design Council. This approach ensures the independence and excellence of the award. The German Innovation Award was set up by the German Bundestag as a cross-industry award for honouring products and solutions that not only stand out with exceptional focus on the user, but which also offer significant added value over previous, existing solutions.

A powerful suction unit is an indispensable piece of kit in any dental practice: its ability to suction away the spray mist generated during procedures means it has a large part to play in guarding against infection. This is where the Tyscor VS 4 suction unit from Dürr Dental comes in, delivering impressive performance by combining two suction stages for unbeatable reliability. Of course, in this day and age energy efficiency plays an increasingly pivotal role. Instead of the familiar side-channel principle, Dürr Dental has employed its innovative radial principle in the Tyscor suction unit range. Thanks to a demand-controlled radial blower, operators can achieve energy savings of up to 50 percent compared to conventional solutions – with associated cost savings to match. In addition, with a sound-absorbing housing and engineered to ensure quiet, smooth operation, Tyscor suction units are among the quietest in their class.

"For many years, practice supply equipment from Dürr Dental has stood for top performance in terms of durability and reliability. As the market and technology leader, it is always our aim to be a step ahead and to develop innovative products based on state-of-the-art technology that offer maximum benefits for the customer. With our Tyscor range of suction units, we have demonstrated this yet again – the 50% energy savings thanks to our radial technology, the two independent suction units in a single device and the whole new range of opportunities offered by the outstanding IoT functions we have integrated in the design are just a handful of the features of this next-generation design. We are absolutely delighted that Tyscor VS 4 has been honoured for its unique and innovative design," says CEO Martin Dürrstein.