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Virus-bacteria filter - for optimum air quality, maximum compressed air output and preserving the value of your compressor

The Dürr Dental virus-bacteria filter is a high-performance particulate air filter with filter class ULPA U16 achieving a retention rate of 99.99995 %* and  included in the standard scope of delivery of all Silver Airline compressors.

* Test results from 29.06.2020 recorded by the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH confirmed a retention rate of > 99.99995% for particles (regardless of size). This corresponds to ULPA U16 according to EN 1822-1:2019-10 or ISO 65U according to ISO 29463-1:2017. A retention rate of > 99.994% was recorded for microorganisms with test virus PhiX174 (size 25–30 nm).

Change the filter once a year!

The filters installed in the Dürr Dental compressors ensure that consistent performance is maintained and will help preserve the value of your compressed air system. The filters are incredibly easy to change – and only need to be changed once a year to deliver full power and perfect assistance for your treatment results.

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