VistaSoft Cloud View - Viewing images from the cloud made easy

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Whether intraoral, extraoral or DVT images - thanks to VistaSoft Cloud View, all dental images can now be viewed and temporarily modified directly in the browser. Especially for DVT images, all the familiar VistaSoft editing tools and views (panorama, TSA and MPR) are available. In addition, all implants and nerve canals drawn in as well as the AI panoramic curve are displayed.



A big advantage

Whether DICOM, JPG, TIF or BMP file does not matter - All images can be opened and displayed easily and quickly via drag and drop.
The opened images remain local and are not uploaded to the Internet, your personal data remains protected.


The best

Thanks to the browser-based solution, VistaSoft Cloud View does not require any installation. Even without an active internet connection, all editing tools work smoothly and without restrictions. Image data can be loaded and displayed from the cloud regardless of manufacturer, viewing images has never been so easy.


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For free

Free use of VistaSoft Cloud View


No installation required


All images can be opened even without an active Internet connection


Data remains local and is not uploaded to the Internet

VistaSoft Cloud

The VistaSoft Cloud offers the perfect platform for sharing X-ray images simply, cost-effectively and efficiently with colleagues, laboratories, clinics or patients. With just one click and the corresponding e-mail address you can share and comment on images in the cloud. It could not be more efficient. The image data is transmitted via the VistaSoft Cloud in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Go digital

DÜRR DENTAL imaging software

The DÜRR DENTAL imaging software has been used in dental surgeries around the world for more than 20 years and is now available in 20 languages. The imaging software offers the highest levels of ease of use, compatibility and efficiency. All digital DÜRR DENTAL diagnostics systems are controlled with the DÜRR DENTAL imaging software. At the same time, you are supported by the integrated diagnostic tools.



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