Hygosonic – effective and material-protecting disinfection and cleaning

Hygosonic is a heatable ultrasonic device for fast and thorough cleaning of instruments. Used in combination with our instrument disinfection products, it will disinfect your instruments gently without damaging the materials, achieving extraordinary cleaning results in the process.


  • Effective and material-protecting disinfection and cleaning
  • Sound field optimisation ensures even cleaning
  • Enhanced performance with "boost function"
  • De-gasification of solutions with "de-gas function"

Dimensions (HxWxD): 21.4 x 30 x 17.9 cm
Trough volume: 2.75 L

Cleaning & disinfection

Instrument reprocessing with DÜRR DENTAL

For manual disinfection and cleaning of general, surgical and sensitive instruments, DÜRR DENTAL relies entirely on state-of-the-art active agent combinations that are non-fixing and free of aldehydes. These ensure that instruments are disinfected gently without damaging the materials while still ensuring extraordinary cleaning results.


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