Surgical suction units from DÜRR DENTAL

Ideal for use in oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology

In contrast to conventional dental suction systems, where the other main task alongside the removal of saliva and secretion is to extract the contaminated spray mist (aerosol) from the treatment area, different requirements are placed on the suction unit in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Pinpoint-accurate removal of larger amounts of blood, tissue, dentine and bone residue with the surgical cannula demands a high negative pressure and a powerful pump.

Powerful and quiet

During surgery, you can concentrate fully on your patients. Treatment teams can rely on operating systems that run smoothly. Our units restore peace and quiet again at last during treatments. The quiet way this unit delivers its powerful performance has a calming effect on patients and makes it easier for the team to concentrate on the actual task in hand.

Surgical suction cannulas

Slim cannulas for surgical procedures with a special shape that still makes them suitable for large amounts of blood.

Flexible working thanks to foot switch

The VC 45 and the VC 65 are also available with a foot switch which enables the unit to be flexibly switched on and off.

With optional cart

An optional cart with storage space is available for mobile operation of the VC 65.

This is what matters

Uninterrupted, ergonomic working thanks to a filter, separation and removal system that is suitable for operations

Very precise

Precise removal of large quantities of blood, tissue, dentine and bone residues

Very quiet

Maximum suction performance with minimal noise levels thanks to the use of a piston pump


Mobile device with multifunctional cart including manifold

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