Step 5 – Protection and strengthening

Fluoride treatment

As part of professional tooth cleaning, fluoride treatment makes a significant contribution to providing protection against caries. In addition, it can also halt the progression of existing initial lesions. Fluoride treatment should be integrated in the prophylaxis treatment especially on patients who are susceptible to caries. This group of high-risk patients includes e.g. pregnant women, patients a with previous history of caries, patients with permanent, fixed orthodontic appliances or dentures, as well as older patients.


Fluoride treatment measures

The choice of the correct product depends on the Indication. For example, for general fluoride treatment measures after professional teeth cleaning it is recommended that a gel-based product is used. This makes it possible to work with relative drying and short application times. A fluoride product on a lacquer basis is used particularly if individual areas need to be selectively strengthened and protected with a correspondingly high dose of fluoride, for example in the treatment of hypersensitivities.


Fissure sealing

Due to their special anatomy, the chewing surfaces of premolar teeth are at particular risk of caries. Here, many small lateral fissures emanate from a curved longitudinal fissure. Although this layout and structure is highly functional for chewing, particularly on young patients it can cause problems in terms of oral hygiene, as the fissures cannot be cleaned properly even when perfect cleaning techniques are employed. Fissure sealing effectively seals off these access points for bacteria. To prevent potential complications, such as partial loss of the sealing material, regular checks of the sealing are recommended every six months.


With the Lunos® fluoride products we can give our the patients the option of actively choosing a flavour they like. Giving them this additional say in their treatment makes the patients feel more in control and less at the mercy of the dentist, which ultimately also helps with adherence.

Sabrina Dogan

dental hygienist at the Mauer Dental Practice

Further Steps

Step 1: Diagnostics + Consulting

VistaCam iX HD Smart provides valuable support in dental treatments and fosters patient understanding of the required treatment measures.


Step 2: Preparatory measures, remotivation and instruction

When it comes to professional dental cleaning, dental prevention and wellness are the top priority for the patient.


Step 3: Removal of sub- and supragingival deposits

Compared to treatment with classic handheld instruments, machine-based techniques offer several advantages for prophylaxis treatments.


Step 4: Removal of discolouration and polishing

Different methods are generally available for removing extrinsic discolouration and for surface polishing.


Step 6: Recall planning

A refreshing, pre-soaked terry cloth like the Lunos® Prophylaxis wellness cloth brings the session to a pleasant close.