S-Pan technology

S-Pan technology: extremely sharp images for even more reliable diagnostics

VistaVox S and VistaPano S not only offer excellent value for money, but will also help you and your practice team to increase your flexibility. In addition to CBCT images, the S-Pan technology can be used to generate brilliant panoramic images, which set new standards in the image sharpness of extraoral images.

S-Pan technology

With S-Pan technology, the image regions that best correspond to the actual patient anatomy are automatically selected from a large number of parallel layers. These image parts are merged to form a panoramic image, which focuses on the actual anatomy of the patient. Deviations from the “average dentition” are taken into account, as are individually-angled teeth. The result is an image of impressive clarity, in which you will be able to immediately and effortlessly locate all anatomically relevant structures. Since the reconstruction is aligned to the actual position of the bite, incorrect positioning is compensated for to a certain extent. This saves time for the surgery and prevents the patient from having to have repeat images taken.


Taking 3D diagnostics to the next level

S-Pan technology for easier diagnostics