Imaging accessories

VistaPosition PSP– The new parallel holder system from DÜRR DENTAL

The new image plate holder system

The holder system has been specially developed for use with image plates and combines a number of practical new solutions in a single product. Specially developed bite blocks fix the image plates securely and gently in place. Thanks to the optimised ergonomic shape of the bite block, the image plate does not need to be folded or squashed when it is inserted in the holder, thus improving the durability of the image plate. Assembly of the individual components could not be easier thanks to the high quality finish and colour coding of the individual parts.

VistaPosition PSP Titanium

This premium product is designed to meet the highest requirements and uses titanium for the indicator arm. Not only does this result in a significant weight reduction for increased patient comfort, but it also facilitates reliable, accurate positioning for intraoral images.

For convenient and safe X-ray images

The consistent colour coding scheme ensures that you can always find the correct indicator arm even in stressful situations – making the assembly process incredibly easy.

All parts of VistaPosition are suitable for immersion/thermal disinfection and can be autoclaved.

Key facts
Accurate positioning of image plates

Reproducibility of images

Long-lasting image plate durability

Protection against bending of image plates, gentle insertion, stable fixation in the bite block

Distortion-free imaging

Ideal for endo control images


The VistaPosition PSP holder system is compatible with almost all commonly used image plate systems and intraoral X-ray unitss

Positioning training

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Frequently asked questions

The old rings from the Colour image plate and film holding system set can be used with the new indicator arms and bite blocks.

The titanium rod is significantly lighter, by 40%. The lighter indicator arm increases patient comfort and makes positioning in the patient’s mouth easier.

The parts will be available until the end of 2024.

Image plate sizes S0 to S3.

Because two slots are not really needed and this reduces the weight of the holder.

Yes, our training courses can take place at your practice at a time that suits you. Register here now.

Yes, all parts can be disinfected and sterilised.

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