Unique in the world: the prophylaxis cannula

A DÜRR DENTAL innovation

DÜRR DENTAL has developed the prophylaxis cannula for maximum protection against aerosols. Its special protective shield at the tip of the cannula makes it unique, as it can be rotated and fixed as required. This provides a level of suction that far exceeds what conventional cannulas can achieve.

Maximum precision in suctioning

Best protection even without an assistant - The Y-Adapter

The Y-Adapter has been developed especially for dentists who work without an assistant and therefore need a hands-free suctioning solution. It allows you to reduce aerosols as effectively as possible, even when use of intraoral spray mist suctioning equipment is not possible. The prophylaxis cannula and a flexible saliva ejector are connected to a suction tube using the Y-Adapter. The saliva ejector is placed in the oral cavity. The prophylaxis cannula positioned at the side of the mouth reduces aerosols. Another advantage of the Y-Adapter is that by closing the opening for the saliva ejector using the plug provided, an adapter is formed for connecting all 16 mm cannulas from DÜRR DENTAL to 11 mm suction handpieces.

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