MyLunos® maintenance & repair

Fast, cost-transparent, with minimal practice downtime

Maintenance or repair of a device is always inconvenient for a practice. With MyLunos®, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. That's why we've introduced a simple repair process for MyLunos® devices.

Procedure of your repair
  • You place the order on our website with acceptance of the possible costs (basic and maintenance flat rate & repair flat rate).
  • You order a rental unit according to your needs.
  • We send you a safe & sustainable transport packaging together with a repair order ticket (RMA ticket) and a return label. Once you receive the shipping package, contact us at to arrange a pickup date for your customer unit.
  • If needed, the rental unit you ordered will be included in the shipment.
  • Upon receipt of the unit, we will perform the repair as quickly as possible.
  • You will receive your MyLunos® in safe & sustainable transport packaging and enclose the possible rental unit for return to DÜRR DENTAL.
  • Invoicing is done via your servicing dental depot.

Your Advantage

Factory repair MyLunos

- Fast repair processing without a cost estimate

- Maximum costs at a glance in advance

- Fast, direct processing with DÜRR DENTAL

- Minimal practice downtime thanks to cost-effective rental equipment option

- In the event of a warranty claim, we will cover the costs (including for the rental device)

- Direct device collection and return delivery to the practice

- One year warranty on the components used in the repair fee

We currently offer this service for Germany and the Netherlands.


SERVM41001 basic and maintenance lump sum MyLunos® Powder Jet Handpiece

  • receiving inspection:
    • general function test
    • MyLunos® Powder jet handpiece checked based on customer claim
  • maintenance:
    • cleansing and disinfection of the handpiece
    • exchange of all sealings and worn out parts that are accessible from outside
  • final testing:
    • functional testing
    • documentation of final testing
    • MyLunos® Powder jet handpiece re-packed

SERVR41001 repair lump sum MyLunos® Powder Jet Handpiece

  • testing of the handpiece and the clutch
  • testing of the MyLunos® tip
  • testing of the MyLunos® Powder container
  • exchange of all defective parts
  • functional testing

SERVR41002 repair lump sum MyLunos® Supra & Perio Nozzle

  • testing MyLunos® Supra/Perio nozzle
  • exchange of all defective parts
  • functional testing

Factory repair MyLunos®

Your MyLunos® powder jet handpiece needs to be repaired? Register your return directly via "Register return".