DÜRR DENTAL Original parts

Perfectly fitting parts, verified quality

Using original DÜRR DENTAL parts will preserve the quality and value of your equipment as these parts have been designed and developed exclusively for our units. With original DÜRR DENTAL parts, you will always be in safe hands – even in the event of damage.

Original parts: your benefits

Using original parts really makes a difference and keeps everything running smoothly in your surgery. Furthermore, if repairs or maintenance work need to be carried out, using original DÜRR DENTAL parts will ensure CE conformity and compliance with the statutory safety requirements. A perfectly coordinated system that you can rely on – the genuine article is always the best!

Reprocessed spare parts: your benefits

Original replacement devices are a technically equivalent and cost-effective alternative. This guarantees high-quality reprocessing in accordance with DÜRR DENTAL's strict guidelines. The used parts still contain lots of valuable resources. The reprocessing of devices and component assemblies that are part of the replacement programme protects the environment and saves resources.

Wear parts: your benefits

Worn wear parts can affect other important components in your unit and result in total loss if they are not replaced in good time. Arrange for the technical service team to check your medical devices in line with the maintenance instructions and replace wear parts in order to prevent failures and downtimes.

This is what matters
Minimises the risk of failure

Regular maintenance can help to keep everything running smoothly and safely in the surgery


Regular maintenance, inspections and replacement of wear parts will support the health of the surgery team and patients

Value preservation

Maintenance preserves the value of your investment, protects against expensive repairs and extends the life expectancy of your unit

Protects your warranty

Maintenance ensures reliability when it comes to the day-to-day running of the surgery and will protect your warranty claims in the event of damage

We can help with your specific service needs!

Compressed air

Our experienced experts are on hand to keep your compressor in perfect condition in the long term.



Preserve the value of your suction unit with our services.



Keep track at all times with our diagnostics service options.



Excellent cleaning and disinfection results guaranteed with our service.


Dental care

Service carefully tailored to your Vector® and Lunos® devices.