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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

The following answers to frequently asked questions on the subject areas are intended to help interested parties in clarifying the most important questions in advance. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

What type of ideas is of interest to Dürr Dental?

We need a clear, informative description which demonstrates the feature(s) of the innovation as well as the functions and advantages of existing solutions.

You can append file attachments to your submission on our web portal. If you have been awarded a patent or have a patent application, please enclose a copy. Information regarding safety, consumer protection, effectiveness or other relevant tests are helpful. Technical illustrations and photographs are an advantage.

Attention! All information made accessible to Dürr in this recommendation shall be regarded as public information and thus non-confidential. Documents labelled "Confidential" or similar shall be ignored. The documents shall be deleted from our portal and the idea rejected.

My innovation is neither patented nor registered for patent. Can I still submit it?

Patents and other forms of intellectual property are used for determining the ownership rights and for protecting the legal rights of the owner of innovations and developments. If there is no protection of the intellectual property, we reserve the right to reject your submission.

That your innovation should be registered as a patent is beyond our responsibility. Dürr Dental cannot dissuade you of a patent or using another form of protection of intellectual property. For further information on the type of intellectual property and its use, you can refer to your representative or corresponding authorities, for example:

"I am aware that I have been instructed on a property right for the protection of the information contained in my recommendation which was registered at Dürr prior to communication of the recommendation (patent application, trade mark application, use or design application) or that was previously obtained (copyright). Any protection of the information contained in my recommendation is limited to the protective scope of these rights. I am aware that I must secure appropriate legal protection (e.g. through a patent application) before I disclose my ideas to anyone (be it Dürr or any other third party) on a non-confidential basis, and otherwise run the risk of forfeiting the possibility of obtaining legal protection in accordance with the applicable law.

Do I send you confidential data or how confidentially are my ideas treated?

Dürr Dental does not take any confidential information into account for the initial review of your idea. If we express interest after the initial review of your idea, we shall contact you and make all necessary agreements.

Who reviews my idea and how long does it take?

Every submission is reviewed and assessed by Dürr Dental. This normally means a review by several participants and an evaluation of the idea for technical feasibility and subsequent benefits to the customer.

A decision that the idea will be pursued further is dependent on its profitability and customer benefits. You will be informed of the status of your idea in any event.

If my idea is selected, what can I expect?

Each idea is assessed for its chances of success. No standard amount has been defined.

How does Dürr Dental use my personal details?

Dürr Dental uses the personal details only in order to communicate with you regarding your idea. The information is not used for other purposes or given to third parties unless you have given your express agreement.

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