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Membrane-drying unit

All Dürr Dental compressors operate with innovative membrane-drying unit and therefore offer an unbeatable benefit: Permanent power availability. As the drying process is based on diffusion through membrane fibre layers, the normal regeneration step of conventional drying processes is eliminated.

  • Permanent power availability, no regeneration times
  • Constant dryness of the compressed air
  • Pressure dew point of ≤ 5°C at 40°C ambient temperature
  • Maintenance-free except for annual filter change



** Running period

Red: Conventional Adsorption dryer
Green: Membrane-drying unit by Dürr Dental

Technical data Drying unit
Compressor cyclic duration factor (CDF) 100%
Voltage (V, Hz) 230, 50/60
Current consumption (mA) 140
Dimensions (H x W x D cm) 54 x 28 x 18
Pressure dew point (°C, at 40°C ambient) ≤ 5
Pressure dew point (Kelvin) 35
Filter mesh size (sterile filter) (μm) to 0.01
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