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Tornado 2+

The Tornado 2+ is one of the quietest compressors in dentistry, yet - it is still very powerful. The highly developed compressor set is extremely quiet, and can have a calming effect on both patient and practitioner. But how quiet is quiet? The answer is exceptionally so! The Tornado has a new aero dynamic noise reduction hood which ensures the unit does not exceed 56 db(A) whilst in use.

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  • Oil-free, dry, hygienic, taste and odourless compressed air
  • Very reliable thanks to the closed crankcase
  • Electronic control with monitoring function for highest operational reliability
  • Anytime flexibly upgradeable with 2nd Tornado 2+, in same compressed air net
  • Highest reliability and extremely low-noise
  • Plug ‘n’ play installation – place, plug in, ready

Unit for cleaning and care of handpieces and elbows, other sterilisation and laboratory equipment also required compressed air. This has to be added to the number of operators.



This innovative control technology offers features that make the regulation and monitoring of your compressor even easier and safer.

In addition to electronically adjusting the pressure range within seconds to meet the exact need, it also offers digital monitoring of air quality and operating pressure of the compressor.

Go digital. Tandem compressors with electronic controls.
Technical Data Tornado 2+
cylinder 2
frequency 50/60 Hz
output at (5 bar) 110/126 l/min
tank capacity (l) 20
pressure range 5,5 - 7,5 bar
noise level at 5 bar 56/59 dBA
voltage (V) 230
dimensions (H x W x D cm) 84 x 63 x 60
net weight (kg) 58
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