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Dürr Dental is celebrating: Over 50 years of X-ray technology from Bietigheim-Bissingen

Dürr Dental SE is celebrating over 50 years of X-ray technology. The company developed the first fully automatic X-ray film developer on the market in 1968. Dürr Dental is one of the market leaders today for digital imaging and offers a complete range of diagnostic systems for dentists.

How it all started: the Procomat

When Dürr Dental introduced the fully automatic X-ray film developer, "Procomat", at the end of the sixties, this was regarded as a minor revolution. It tangibly facilitates the work of dental assistants, making their work safer and more efficient. This made Dürr Dental a pioneer of modern X-ray film development at that time. Today the company is actively pursuing the digitalisation of dental diagnostics. "We want to optimise diagnostic work flow in dental practices, make diagnosis safer and reduce the exposure of patients to radiation with innovative digital imaging systems", emphasised chairman of the board, Martin Dürrstein.

Today: Innovation leader in image plate technology

50 years later Dürr Dental is regarded worldwide as the innovation leader in image plate technology. In contrast to X-ray films, the reusable image plates offer a higher exposure latitude as well as a significantly higher resolution with the same handling features and utilise a considerably lower radiation dose – a benefit for patients. Chemicals, which have to be stored and disposed of, can be dispensed with. VistaScan Image plate scanners then "transmit" the data of the exposed plates into high-resolution digital image, which can processed with the filters of the Dürr Dental imaging software for diagnostic support.

Highly developed digital X-ray technology

Moreover, The digital product portfolio of Dürr Dental also comprises innovative X-ray units for 2D panoramas or 3D presentations as well as for cephalometric exposures. This is supplemented by the modern VistaCam intraoral camera systems, in part with HD image quality. Among other things, they facilitate caries and plaque diagnostics, simplify communication with patients and make treatment recommendations more easily understandable. The company also offers an own X-ray for the exposure of the image plates. "We are proud that we can cover the entire digital imaging workflow today with our imaging systems" as Martin Dürrstein underlined the holistic aspiration of Dürr Dental and also wants to pursue this path in the future.

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