VistaSoft Monitor

Connect Box – Networking your practice

Enables any device for networking

DÜRR DENTAL‘s Connect Box is able to integrate devices into VistaSoft Monitor that are already in use and not compatible for networking.1 This means that even practice supply equipment that is several years old can become part of a digitally networked practice. Furthermore, the technology is compatible across manufacturers, so all devices can reap the benefits of VistaSoft Monitor.

1 Restricted functionality compared to fully-networked devices

Automated data transfer

The Connect Box measures all relevant parameters from the connected practice equipment and sends them to VistaSoft Monitor automatically. This enables the risk of a device failing (due to overheating, unit failure or overcurrent and overvoltage, for example) to be identified ahead of time.

Connection via WLAN and LAN

In addition to the standard network connection via LAN, the Connect Box can also be connected to VistaSoft Monitor wirelessly via WLAN.

VistaSoft Monitor

IoT solution for networked dental practices

DÜRR DENTAL‘s new real-time equipment monitoring system VistaSoft Monitor brings the cloud to your dental practice. Get an overview of your practice at any time from the comfort of a PC or mobile phone. Try it for free now!