Hygojet – disinfection, cleaning and care in the laboratory

Laboratory hygiene from DÜRR DENTAL – safe and economical

Impressions and dental workpieces that have been in the oral cavity of the patient are always contaminated with saliva, and frequently also with blood and secretions. In order to prevent infections, Hygojet from DÜRR DENTAL ensures absolute impression hygiene.

Germ-free and precise

Hygojet is a closed system that serves as a disinfection sluice for cleaning and disinfection. All the technical and chemical components are carefully coordinated to ensure reliable disinfection and cleaning. Hygojet thus conforms to the employers' liability insurance association regulations TRBA 250 and DGUV Information 203-021. Cross-infections are prevented, odours are ruled out.

This is what matters:

The closed system prevents cross-infections


Economical to use – with just 10 ml MD 520 per impression


Up to six impressions can be fully cleaned, disinfected and dried in just twelve minutes

Highly effective

MD 520: ready-to-use solution for simultaneous disinfection and cleaning of all standard impression materials


Impression disinfection with MD 520

MD 520 impression disinfectant is more than up to the difficult task of disinfection and cleaning. The tried-and-tested preparation is a highly effective, formaldehyde-free ready-to-use solution for simultaneous disinfection and cleaning of all standard impression materials.


Make your system complete!

MD 530 Cement remover and prosthesis cleaner

Ready-to-use solution for removal of cement, calculus, smoking stains, oxide layers.


MD 535 plaster remover

Ready-to-use solution for removal of plaster and alginates.



Sturdy and robust transport and disinfection box with a 3 litre capacity.


Disinfection box

Up to two impressions can be disinfected and cleaned at the same time.



The nitrile glove covers everything from the forearm to the elbow.