Dental care

Lunos® accessories – wellness and comfort for your patients

Lunos® Prophylaxis cushion

The Lunos® Prophylaxis cushion provides safe and comfortable head support. It also supports the patient’s head and neck during treatment.

  • Quick and easy attachment to the head support of the treatment unit via Velcro fastener
  • The viscoelastic foam material relieves pressure and reacts to body heat to individually adapt to each patient
  • Soft, skin-friendly and waterproof cover
  • Washable and disinfectable


Lunos® Prophylaxis ring

The Lunos® Prophylaxis ring provides a simple way to apply the prophy paste for optimised handling. It can be positioned upright using the small feet when preparing the work tray to prevent the prophylaxis paste from leaking out. It can also be fully reprocessed and is ergonomically shaped with a flexible ring size so it will fit on any finger.

  • The innovative prophy paste container can be adapted to every method of working
  • Ergonomically shaped ring with flexible sizing for highest wearing comfort
  • The edge-free prophy paste container is particularly easy to clean after treatment

Lunos® Prophylaxis wellness cloth

Wellness for your patients. The Lunos® Prophylaxis wellness cloth is a refreshing, pre-soaked towelling cloth, ideal for facial cleaning following prophylactic treatment.

  • Individual service for patients
  • Hot and cold application possible
  • Cares for the skin with aloe vera


The Lunos® Prophylaxis cushion is a great aid for ensuring that patients are in a comfortable position and helps to create a relaxed atmosphere for treatment. The positive response from patients has prompted us to establish the cushion as a fixed part of every treatment room.

Sabine Kittel

Sabine Kittel, Dental Hygienist, Prophylaxis Trainer and Coach at the Academy for Prophylaxis & Management in Tuttlingen