Hygoclave 90. Maintenance-efficient, service technician-friendly, powerful.

A new era of sterilisation. DuraSteam technology.

The key features of the Hygoclave 90 are reliability and impressively fast cycle times, combined with high energy efficiency. This is achieved by the perfect combination and trouble-free interplay of steam condenser, three-cylinder vacuum pump, heat pipe, welded valve seats and strong heating power of 2400 watts. Added to this are exceptional user-friendliness and ease of maintenance, which – together with the fully stainless steel design for maximum value retention – really do herald the advent of a new era in performance.

Stainless steel. The solution to ion carryover.

When different materials are used in combination, such as stainless steel with brass or aluminium, it can cause a chemical reaction that adversely affects the sterilisation process. With consequences such as corrosion, deposits and discoloration. That is why we consistently rely on the use of V4A stainless steel combined with plastic materials for the sterilisation process. This prevents highly corrosive demineralised water from extracting ions from the materials.

Fast cycles

Precise control and monitoring of the sterilisation process. Fast cycle times achieved as a result.

Colour touch display

Modern graphical user interface allows efficient device operation.

Seamless documentation

Enables the staff at your surgery to document the sterilisation cycle quickly and easily. The parts for sterilisation can also be labelled in a straightforward way.

Components of the DuraSteam technology
Heat pipe

Complete heat pipe double chamber for uniform heating of the sterilization chamber.

High-performance steam generator

Directly coupled to the heat pipe using stainless steel valves. Their unique combination enables fast process times and very good drying results.

Electromagnetic valves

Stainless steel design throughout with the valve bodies welded directly to the chambers reduces the number of potential leakage sites and eliminates ion carryover.

Steam condenser

Three-cylinder membrane pump and steam condenser for a very good venting capacity and therefore for optimal sterilisation and drying results.

Programme overview

Programme Process parameters
Operating time
Drying Loading Test Type
Universal 134°C
5.5 min/12–23 min*
16 min For 6 kg instruments or 2 kg of textiles, in single and multiple packaging. For 10 kg with container loading.** Helix test B
Quick 134°C
5.5 min/10–17 min*
10.5 min For instruments up to 1.5 kg, single packaging or 6 kg unpackaged. Helix test B
Gentle 121°C
20.5 min/26–41 min*
16 min For 6 kg instruments or 2 kg of textiles, in single and multiple packaging, especially for thermolabile sterilisation items. Helix test B
Prion 134°C
20 min/26–37 min*
16 min For 6 kg of instruments or 2 kg of textiles, in single and multiple packaging, especially in cases of suspected infection with prions. For 10 kg with container loading.** Helix test B

*Without drying, minimum – maximum operating time in each case (without 10 kg container loading), depending on the load and installation conditions (e.g. mains voltage, room climate).

** Tested with sterile containers made of aluminium and each with two permanent filters (one in the lid and one in the base tray). Weight includes sterile containers and accompanying cartridges.

Hygoclave 90

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