VistaScan Image Plates – the Original

VistaScan Image Plates

Image plates from DÜRR DENTAL permit outstanding images and thus accurate diagnoses. With our extensive size portfolio (S0 – S4) compared to other intraoral X-ray systems, you always have the correct format for every indication. For decades, we have provided maximum user and patient comfort with our VistaScan image plates.

VistaScan IQ Image Plate

With the new VistaScan generation with RFID function and VistaSoft AI, the VistaScan IQ image plate offers you comprehensive AI-supported functions. This makes everyday use in your practice much easier, increases user comfort and ensures consistently high image quality.

VistaScan IQ Pack

The VistaScan IQ Pack combines the original VistaScan imaging plates and VistaScan light protection sleeves in one package. Benefit from a significant price advantage compared to buying the individual products.

VistaScan IQ Image Plate – your advantages at a glance

VistaScan Image Plate Plus

The VistaScan Image Plate Plus, tested and proved for many years, is the reliable companion for all VistaScan without RFID function. In contrast to other image-receiver technologies, the 5 different formats offer the right solution for all indications. In this way, the VistaScan Image Plate Plus not only ensures high patient acceptance, but also satisfied users.


VistaScan Image Plate Plus – your advantages at a glance

Would you like to know for which indications the different image plate sizes are perfectly suited?

Possible uses for image plates

  • Front-tooth images for children

  • Lateral-tooth or bite-wing images for children
  • Front-tooth images for adults with tight spacing (vertical)
  • Endo-images with tight spacing (vertical)

  • Lateral-tooth or bite-wing images for adults
  • Front-tooth images with wide spacing for adults
  • Endo-images with wide spacing

  • Optimised format for bite-wing images to achieve more diagnostic reach

  • Bite-block images to optimally depict displaced teeth or salivary stone, for example

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Image plates can be exposed, scanned and deleted again several hundred times.


Light protection covers

Exceptional impermeability to light for excellent image quality.


Cleaning Wipe

The VistaScan Cleaning Wipe ensures long-lasting, optimum image quality.


Disinfection wipe

Alcohol-based, fast-acting wipes.


VistaPosition PSP

The new parallel holder system from DÜRR DENTAL