Dürr Dental was crowned the winner for excellent product design in the Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care with its ‘MyFlow’ powder jet handpiece, which was developed specifically for the Lunos® prophylaxis system. The company was described as “embodying a modern understanding of medicine” by the German Design Council, which was set up as a foundation in 1953 on the initiative of the German government.

With its ingenious operation and quick set-up, the ‘MyFlow’ sets itself apart from other powder jet handpieces that have been seen on the market previously. The way in which the exchangeable chamber is integrated into the device enables the powder to be changed quickly and safely with the aid of the innovative bayonet catch. “MyFlow is part of the comprehensive ‘Lunos®’ prophylaxis system. It has been designed to facilitate fully automated disinfection and cleaning in compliance with the very latest standards,” explains Katrin Probst, a product manager in Dental Care.

In the sterilisation category, the technical masterpiece that is the new Hygoclave 90 impressed the judges, achieving a special mention. Thanks to DuraSteam technology, the Hygoclave 90 will become the pacesetter in your hygiene cycle. During the development stage, importance was attached to high durability and maximum reliability. “DuraSteam technology stands for the use of high-quality materials, cleverly designed components and processing quality – made in Germany,” explains Björn Höppe, a product manager in Hygiene Technology.

The German Design Council, the foundation behind the German Design Award, is one of the world leading authorities for communication and market launches in the design sector. In recent years, Dürr Dental products have impressed judges with their innovative design on more than one occasion. As well as the German Design Award, the company has also won the famous iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.