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Compressors for CAD/CAM

Optimally suited to continuous operation of milling and grinding machines
Milling and grinding machines make particularly high demands on compressors to supply them with reliable and constant compressed air. Milling machines don't pause for breath during operation, so oil-free and dry compressed air is top priority. The duty cycle of compressor units running a milling machine goes far beyond their duty cycle for normal dental operations. Dürr Dental's fully developed technology meets all such demands and is designed for continuous operation. High-quality system parts ensure high precision and quiet running. Compressors not only run quieter, but also last longer.

The membrane-drying unit with patented technology compared to conventional adsorber dryers
The constant, uninterrupted flow of compressed air required by milling and grinding machines makes for very long compressor duty cycles and allows for only short shut-off cycles. More moisture forms in the dryer than during normal dentistry operations after a compressor has been running for a longer time with an adsorber dryer. When the compressor is shut off, moisture in the dryer is not fully removed due to regeneration which is usually under-calculated for this application. The resulting insufficient regeneration of the dryer leads to a gradual increase in the moisture content of the compressed air.
Compressors with simple adsorption dryers are thus not suited to run such machines. The innovative membrane-drying unit from Dürr Dental means that there is no need for regeneration times. A constant supply of dry, compressed air in continuous operation is guaranteed.

According to ISO 8573_1:2010, Dürr Dental compressors fulfil compressed-air requirements for classes 1/4/1 with sterile filter, and 2/4/1 with standard fine filter. The sterile filter does not produce sterile air.

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