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Duo Tandem

Duo Tandem is the flexible solution for growing power requirements Equipped with a 50 litre tank, it operates with either one or two units.

For two (1 unit) or four operators.

Unit for cleaning and care of handpieces and elbows, other sterilisation and laboratory equipment also required compressed air. This has to be added to the number of operators.



Go digital. Tandem compressors with electronic controls.

This innovative control technology has features which make the regulation and monitoring of your compressor even easier and safer.

In addition to electronically tuning and adjusting the pressure range to meet the exact need, it also offers a digital display of the air quality and operating pressure of the compressor.

Control of the aggregate is oriented toward consumption and avoids unnecessary parallel work by both aggregates.

Due to a master/slave control, Tandem compressors can operate side-by-side, i.e. parallel on one single compressed air net.

Technical data Duo Tandem
Cylinders 2/4
Voltage (V 1~/V 3~, Hz) 230/400, 50/60
Delivery (per unit) at 5 bar with 1 unit1) (l/min 2)) 125/145
Delivery (per unit) at 5 bar with 2 unit1) (l/min 2)) 253/292
Tank capacity (l) 50
Pressure range 3) (bar) 5,5 - 7,5
Noise level with 1 unit 4) dB(A) approx. 66/68, in cabinet 51/50
Noise level with 2 units 4) db(A) approx. 69/72, in cabinet 51/53
Dimensions with 1 unit (H x W x D cm) 76 x 75 x 52
Dimensions with 2 units (H x W x D cm) 76 x 79 x 52
Weight (kg) with 1 unit 70, with 2 units 100

1) Delivery per unit at 5 bar without dry air
2) Power bandwidths result from the mains frequency 50/60 Hz
3) A pressure reducer is available as an option
4) Average values at 5 bar

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