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Hygopac process sealing device

Continuous sealing device for the approved sealing of sterilised packaging, like Hygofol.

This is what counts:

  • Automatic contact pressure for consistent seal seam quality
  • Seam of at least 9 mm, without defects
  • Assembly-line principle for fast and economical operation
  • According to European standard EN 868
Technical Data Hygopac
Voltage (V/~1) 230
Mains frequency (Hz) 50 – 60
Power output (W) 550
Heating performance (W) 2 × 250
Heat-up time (min) approx. 3
Sealing temperature (°C) up to 240
Temperature adjustment stepless
Sealing speed (m/min) 5,3
Sealing seam width (mm) 9
Weight (kg) 7,2
Dimensions (H × W × T) 160 × 435 × 135
Time saved in comparison to bar-sealing devices x
Operating panel with display
Process control (sealing temperature, sealing speed, pressing pressure)
Operational qualification x
Manufacturer performance qualification x
Sealing parameter storage
Automatic data storage via SD card or network
Optional accessories
Instrument table x
Roll cutting mechanism x
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