Hygiene – surfaces

Surface disinfection wipes. One wipe is all it takes!

Wipe out germs

Ready-to-use disinfection wipes are extremely practical and an integral part of day-to-day work in surgeries. They are suitable for disinfecting and cleaning after every patient, for in-between disinfection, or for use anywhere else you need to get on with work quickly. The wipes are quick and easy to take from the handy product packaging and are easy to use. With plenty of lasting power and a wide spectrum of activity, they offer maximum efficiency for routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in dental surgery rooms.

Alcohol-free wipes

Alcohol-free disinfection and cleaning wipes for floors, surgery inventory etc.

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Alcohol-based disinfection wipes

Alcohol-based, quick-acting disinfection and cleaning wipes for surfaces of medical devices.

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Dry wipes

Universal dry wipes (can be soaked in disinfectant and cleaning agents) plus a microfibre cloth for gentle cleaning and polishing without damaging the materials.

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This is what matters

Broad range of effectiveness for in-between disinfection


Easy and efficient to use


Extremely high material compatibility, recommended by leading equipment manufacturers


Fast reaction times and quick-drying without residues

DÜRR DENTAL premium preparations for disinfection, cleaning and gentle care

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