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DBSWIN Imaging Software

The benefit at a glance

  • 16-bit data with 65,536 grey-scale values for outstanding image quality
  • Caries and plaque diagnostics with VistaCam iX
  • Diagnostics supporting filter functions
  • Twain connection for OPGs
  • USB 3.0 support of all current devices
  • Creation of video clips
  • Status check assistant for VistaScan and VistaRay
  • SQL database, more performance and data security
  • Extensive import and export functions for exchanging data with colleagues, experts and clinics

Optional / Offered at a fee:

  • Use of the Dürr Dental Imaging iPad app via Dürr Mobile Connect
  • DICOM Starter
  • DICOM Print

All functions can be found here:

  • Twain connection for OPGs
  • USB 3.0 support of all current devices
  • X-ray parameters: Support of the dose area product Gycm2
  • Creation of video clips
  • Status check assistant for VistaScan and VistaRay
  • Patient selection list ensures clarity
  • SQL database, more performance and data security
  • Image Bridge: New plug-in for Sidexis + VixWinr
  • Dual camera operation
  • Acceptance and constancy test
  • Central enabling of DBSWIN
  • Enhanced printing options
  • DICOM image import/export
  • Diagnostics supporting filter functions
  • Extensive import and export functions for exchanging data with colleagues, experts and clinics
  • All programs related to Dürr Dental hardware and software can be found in Windows under Program Files - Duerr Dental
  • Automatic and manual optimisation of X-ray images via user profiles
  • Functions can be blocked specifically to prevent operating errors
  • Integration of external image catalogues for communication with patients
  • Ring buffer for VistaEasy
  • Simplified driver installation/pre-installation for VistaCam Digital/VistaCam iX/foot switch/VistaRay
  • Siucom Plus function for operation of the Teneo foot switch in DBSWIN
  • Support of the display for VistaScan Mini Plus and Perio Plus in combination with Sidexis

DICOM Starter, DICOM Print

What is DICOM?

DICOM – Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine DICOM is a standard for creating, transmitting, processing and storing digital images and is used particularly in clinics. The aim is to save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What was the intention behind establishing a uniform DICOM standard?

The smooth interplay between digital imaging systems ("modalities") from different manufacturers such as MRTs, VistaScan, etc. can cause problems. Each manufacturer uses a different data format so that digital images from different systems cannot be stored in a database so that they can be immediately called up under a patient. DICOM links the file formats of the different device or software manufacturers using a defined *.dcm. As a result, different systems (modalities) in a clinic or medical surgery, as long as they have a DICOM interface (e.g. DICOM Starter under DBSWIN), can exchange image data and communicate with one another.

In which areas of medicine is the DICOM standard employed?

  • Radiology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Dental medicine
  • Surgery
  • Mammography
  • Neurology
  • Radiotherapy
  • Pneumology
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Pathology
  • Opthalmology

What are the benefits of a DICOM-compatible DBSWIN software?

Dürr Dental hardware and software is compatible with all systems which support DICOM 3.0.

  • Time savings
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased quality through standardised documentation
  • Direct, central access to image data in standardised format (*.dcm)
  • DBSWIN can access PACS archives worldwide

Which services does DBSWIN DICOM Starter support?

  • Modality worklist – Request worklist
  • DICOM storage - Save image data to archive, the "PACS"
  • Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) – Completion of a work order is confirmed to RIS
  • DICOM DIR - Allows DICOM-compatible patient directories to be created, including image data
  • DICOM Starter conforms to DICOM 3.0

Dürr Dental DICOM Conformance Statement:

DICOM is an international standard for the exchange of clinical data. It is therefore absolutely essential to bring the underlying complex structure into a standardised written - the DICOM Conformance Statement. The DICOM Conformance Statement explains all supported DICOM services in detail. System administratoren can therefore find all the relevant information for operating a DICOM environment in this DICOM Conformance Statement.

VistaEasy View / Image Bridge

The newly developed VistaEasy View imaging interface supports Dürr Dental in the sale of VistaScan and VistaRay.
For those surgeries that were dependent on the DBSWIN X-ray software or the VistaEasy interface so far, an elegant solution is now available.

Benefits for the dental surgery

  • Can be easily implemented in practically any X-ray software
  • Most of the benefits of VistaScan and VistaRay can be used even without DBSWIN
  • Image processing functions to suit your individual diagnostic requirements  
  • X-ray images can be easily optimised
  • Clear presentation, high ease of operation

Image Bridge

  • plugin for Sidexis (Sirona) and VixWin (Gendex)
  • Allows the simple and convenient integration of all digital systems from Dürr Dental into the two standard programs
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