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VistaCam iX

VistaCam iX – one camera, many options

Thanks to the innovative interchangeable head, 4 options are immediately available:

  • Cam interchangeable head for intraoral images
  • Macro interchangeable head for magnifying images 120x
  • Proof interchangeable head makes caries and plaque visible on occlusal and smooth surfaces
  • Proxi interchangeable head helps diagnose approximal caries



VistaCam iX - Proxi
VistaCam iX – Cam, Macro
VistaCam iX – Proof
VistaCam iX – Cam, Macro
VistaCam iX
VistaCam iX
VistaCam iX
VistaCam iX
Technical Data VistaCam iX PC Version
Connections USB 2.0
Freeze frame module via PC/Laptop
Multi-user application Plug&Play, cable can be connected to handpiece
Triggering/activation Handpiece (optional foot pedal)
Weight of handpiece (g) 50 (without cable)
Handpiece length (mm) 190
Power supply (5V) USB
Transmission path (2.5 m) USB 2.0, via cable
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